Truss Screed allows construction to be done with extended construction joints hence saving on the cost & time. It provides a better level of tolerance. Output per team improves from 200 m2 in case of VDF to minimum of 400 m2 to 800 m2 in case of
truss screed. Variable width sizes are available from 5 mtr. to 8 mtr. Required team size is of 8- 10 people.

Advantage Of Truss Screed Floor:-
 Increases productivity, flatness, quality & efficiency.
 It provides high strength, dense & durable flooring.
 FM2 floor can be achieved with Truss Screed also.
 Time saving process.

The truss come in sections, ranging from 3 to 11 feet long, which interlocks the required span distance up to a maximum of about 30 to 40 feet, depending upon the machine used. Either hand-operated or hydraulic winches typically serve to propel the
truss screed along the edge forms and across the surface. Hydraulic-powered truss screed can move at variable speeds, some up to 24 feet per minute. The obvious benefit of truss screed is their ability to screed much larger areas in a single pass.