What is a laser screed machine?
A laser screed machine helps to both level and vibrate the concrete in your flooring. The on board technology means that it is able to deliver a smoother, more level surface on our concreting projects, especially across large spaces. A laser screed machine can determine the correct elevation height for a concrete floor and produce an accurate finish.

How does a laser screed machine work?

A laser-emitting device is placed outside of the pour itself. Two laser receivers are then placed on either side of the screed head, which receive signals from the transmittor dozens of times a second to keep a floor pour totally level. An auger inside the screen levels and vibrates the concrete. The screeding head is lowered to the selected grade established by the lasers, as the concrete is discharged in strips from the machine. A laser screed machine can enable a team to finish a concrete floor quickly and accurately, overseeing the project and letting the technology do the levelling.

The levels and faltness(FM1,FM2) achieved with Laser/truss screed technology are far more higher than any other system to create wide panel floor construction. In fact it is impossible to cast panel wider than 4 Mtr. using VDF system, whereas there is no restriction of panel width with laser and with truss screed it is upto 6-10 mtr.